The Peugeot motocycles brand

Our vision

At PEUGEOT, we believe everything is more attractive with a little dose of allure*.

Imagine for just a few seconds a world without allure. Food that just satiates hunger-without taste. Lamps that just light - without beauty. Vehicles that just transport - without style.

With our ambition to anticipate the mutations of urban mobility, we are determined to stay true to our values and bring allure to mobility.

*ALLURE: powerful attraction and excitement

Notre promesse

Our promise

The world is better with allure

PEUGEOT has always been dedicated to innovating and going beyond to engineer not only cars, bikes or scooters - but feelings.

Surprise, astonishment, desire, falling in love with an exterior or interior design and craving a drive/ride.

That’s what we call at PEUGEOT the power of allure and what our customers can expect and live with our products, services and experiences.

The best of Peugeot

The best of Peugeot

Peugeot Motocycles is the best of Peugeot in the 2/3-wheel category:

  • French design and manufacture for the flagship Peugeot Metropolis

  • innovative Peugeot technology (i-Connect)

  • Peugeot technology, allure and elegance.



We are lions. We know and we own our territory. We are focused on anticipating society and mobility mutations to amplify freedom to move. Whether it's an innovation to release or a new market to reign upon, when Peugeot Motocycles has an idea in mind, it is unstoppable.



Peugeot will never have a solely rational and utilitarian vision of mobility. The brand has proven its passion for beautiful products, elegant lines and seductive shapes. A feline elegance with a strong personality; a distinctive and assertive allure.



Peugeot Motocycles' protective instinct ensures that everyone's journeys are as safe as possible. Optimistic by nature, Peugeot Motocycles values individuals, their originality and their distinctiveness, allowing them to live in harmony with the place they live in and the people around them.